ASTRA 5511


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light systems


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egoluce Extremely low-tension device with remote voltage transformer  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  


egoluce 5511 gallery
egoluce 5511 gallery
egoluce 5511 gallery
egoluce 5511 gallery

LED flexible circuit IP20, 24V available 9,6W/mt, 15W/mt, 18W/mt e 25W/mt.


Produced with latest generation LED with 120/180 LED/mt mounted on Kapton® film grants uniform binning and constant lumen output over time. CRI> 90.


The product can be ordered in reels of 5 meters and can be sectioned every 3.3 cm. Available in three different color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.



                5 mt     48W      5400lm    4000K
                5 mt     48W      5100lm    3000K
                5 mt     48W      4800lm    2700K

                5 mt     75W      9200lm    4000K
                5 mt     75W      8250lm    3000K
                5 mt     75W      7800lm    2700K

In order to ensure adequate dissipation, we strongly recommend the use of our anodized aluminum profiles. (Art. 0224 - Magika, Margó and Into)


                5 mt     90W    12000lm    4000K 
                5 mt     90W    11900lm    3000K
                5 mt     90W    10750lm    2700K

                5 mt   125W    14300lm    4000K
                5 mt   125W    13500lm    3000K
                5 mt   125W    12500lm    2700K

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The Lighting Design of a Restaurant

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