P. Pepere
design year:
suspension lamps

/W - LED 81W 10170lm 4000K CRI>90
/WW - LED 81W 9090lm 3000K CRI>90
/XW - LED 81W 8505lm 2700K CRI>90

IP degree:
Ø 150 cm
net weight:
2,50 Kg
aluminium, polycarbonate

Art. 0536: Attacco singolo cavi a soffitto - Single ceiling cable fixing

egoluce Extremely low-tension device with remote voltage transformer  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  


egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery
egoluce 1564 gallery

Suspension lamp providing diffused light with body in calendered aluminum extrusion, opal polycarbonate diffuser, 250 cm coaxial power cable, fixing kit and ceiling rose complete with power supply.



  • .01 white
  • .02 black
  • .85 painted silver
  • .86 painted gold
  • .87 painted copper
  • .88 painted bronze


The particularity of the luminous flux directed towards the inside of the circumference guarantees a particularly high visual comfort and helps to enhance the lightness of the structure with a simple and essential design.


The elegant line gives it an appearance that adapts well to any type of environment, from classic to modern interiors.


The peculiarity of the hooking system on steel cables allows the lamp to be tilted, creating unique light scenarios. In addition, it is possible to use a connecting element for the steel cables (Art. 0536), to be ordered separately, so as to have all the cables gathered in a single point.


PUSH, 1...10V or DALI dimmable versions are also available on request.


Product Focus


ETL version available on request


Last updated 10/06/2022

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