P. Pepere
design year:
suspension lamps, light systems

/W LED 37,8W 4746lm 4000K CRI>90
/WW LED 37,8W 4242lm 3000K CRI>90
/XW LED 37,8W 3969lm 2700K CRI>90

IP degree:
Ø 70 cm
net weight:
1,20 Kg
aluminium, polycarbonate

Art. 0970.31: 4 tenditori con 2 cavi di acciaio di lunghezza 6 mt - 4 chromed brass tensors with 2 steel cables 6 mt
Art. 0970.31/10: 4 tenditori con 2 cavi di acciaio di lunghezza 10 mt - 4 chromed brass tensors with 2 steel cables 10 mt

egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  


egoluce 1173 gallery
egoluce 1173 gallery
egoluce 1173 gallery

Diffused light system on steel cables.


The proposed models are round with aluminum bodies, opal polycarbonate diffusers and 5.5 m coaxial cable. The ceiling rose, supplied with the lamp, contains the power supply. Dimmable versions are available on request.



  • .01 white
  • .02 black
  • .25 golden satin
  • .31 polished chrome


The bodies have a diameter of 35, 50 or 70 cm and are positioned on a pair of steel cables stretched between two opposing tensioners, being able to cover distances up to 10 meters.


Tensioners and cables to be ordered separately.


The system allows you to arrange the lamps along the cables in the desired point starting from a single wall or ceiling power supply.


The LED light is available in 2700K (/XW), 3000K (/WW) and 4000K (/W) with a CRI value greater than 90. The number of LEDs on the circuit, 180 per meter, provides a continuous and uniform light in the respect for visual comfort.


On request, solutions are also supplied which provide for the connection of several bodies with power cables passing from lamp to lamp.

info request

Similar families/products suspension lamps, light systems - led - aluminium, polycarbonate



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