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Lux Studio
design year:
wall lamps

/W LED 13,8W 2480m 4000K
/WW LED 13,8W 2300lm 3000K
/XW LED 13,8W 2050lm 2700K

IP degree:
net weight:
1,50 Kg
aluminium, metal

egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  


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Indirect light adjustable wall lamp with aluminum and metal structure.


The ability to direct and control the light emission allows you to make the most of the qualities of the LED source while avoiding annoying glare phenomena.


The simple and elegant line gives it an appearance that adapts well to any type of environment, from classic to modern interiors.


The light source with COB LED technology and separate driver guarantees a high luminous efficiency of more than 2300lm at 3000K with a consumption of only 13.8W.


A choice of savings and eco-sustainability, but also of quality with high visual comfort.


The finishes proposed are white and gold leaf for the reflective screens and white, black, gold and brushed nickel for the adjustable part.

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