SIRIO 6359


UT Egoluce
design year:
recessed lamps

/W - LED 1W 350 mA 151lm 4000K
/WW - LED 1W 350 mA 143lm 3000K
/XW - LED 1W 350 mA 132lm 2700K

IP degree:
net weight:
0,04 Kg

Art. 0215: Controcassa in materiale plastico - Plastic box
Art. 0212: Kit box + plaster traforato - Kit box + perforated plaster

egoluce Extremely low-tension device with remote voltage transformer  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  
egoluce Intertek listed US  


egoluce 6359 gallery
egoluce 6359 gallery

Recessed spotlight (IP44) providing diffused light with hand-ground lead crystal diffuser, chromed aluminum flange and anodized aluminum heatsink.


The different facets, linked to the type of processing, create surprising plays of light and make each single product unique and unrepeatable.


Sirio is available in the catalog with LEDs of different shades of white light, 2700K /XW, 3000K /WW and 4000K /W. On request it is also available at 5000K.


The spotlight can be mounted directly on plasterboard ceilings or walls with the supplied spring or installed in masonry using the formwork that can be ordered separately.


Sirio, Vega and Alcor are part of the Egoluce crystals collection. The crystal, the size and the degree of protection make them suitable for both public and private places. They can be used in groups, even mixed together, to create surprising decorative solutions such as starry skies or installed individually as small diamonds of light.


The operation of the spotlight requires the use of a driver to be ordered separately. Dimmable power supplies are also available for PUSH, 1...10V or DALI control.



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Similar families/products recessed lamps - led - aluminium



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