SNORKY 6373


UT Egoluce
design year:
recessed lamps

/W - LED max 1W 350mA 158lm 4000K
/WW - LED max 1W 350mA 150lm 3000K
/XW - LED max 1W 350mA 143lm 2700K

IP degree:
net weight:
0,02 Kg

Art. 0215: Controcassa in materiale plastico - Plastic box
Art. 0212: Kit box + plaster traforato - Kit box + perforated plaster

egoluce Extremely low-tension device with remote voltage transformer  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  
egoluce Intertek listed US available upon request  
egoluce Fixture Repairable  
egoluce 5 years warranty  


egoluce 6373 gallery
egoluce 6373 gallery
egoluce 6373 gallery

Adjustable recessed micro spotlight with direct light with chromed aluminum body and 15° optical aperture beam.


The shape with the small parabola integrated into the body is able to maximize the quality of the LED source by projecting an extremely clean cone of light, with a design free of smudges or colored reflections.


The spotlight is available in the catalog with integrated power LED with white light 2700K /XW, 3000K /WW, 4000K /W, CRI>80. On request it is also available at 5000K.


SNORKY can be mounted directly on supports such as wood or plasterboard with the supplied spring or installed in masonry with formwork sold separately.


The simple shape and small size make it suitable for installation in showcases or inside display cabinets where direct lighting is required, capable of emphasizing small objects, enhancing their colors and shapes.


The operation of the spotlight requires the use of a driver to be ordered separately. Dimmable power supplies are also available for PUSH, 1...10V or DALI control.




ETL version available on request


Last updated 31/07/2023

info request


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