MAGIKA 4522


UT Egoluce
design year:
light systems

LED 15W/mt 24V
/W - LED 7,5W 920lm 4000K CRI>90
/WW - LED 7,5W 825lm 3000K CRI>90
/XW - LED 7,5W 780lm 2700K CRI>90

IP degree:
net weight:
0,15 Kg
aluminium, polycarbonate

Art. 0131/S: Interruttore touch dimmer - Dimmer touch switch
Art. 0131/RV: Sensore di presenza - Body detector

egoluce Extremely low-tension device with remote voltage transformer  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  
egoluce Fixture Repairable  
egoluce 5 years warranty  
egoluce CRI>90  
egoluce Dimmerabile on request  


egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery
egoluce 4522 gallery

Adjustable linear profile with diffused light in very small anodized aluminum with opal polycarbonate screen, end caps in ABS and transparent power cable of 200 centimeters.


The power cable allows you to reach the power supplies or connection boxes in the masonry without making joints with visible and bulky terminal blocks.


Magika is offered in different modular lengths from 13 cm up to 303 cm and in three light shades: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Also available in RGB version.




The fixture can be equipped with a touch dimmer switch or a presence sensor.


Versatility and ease of use are the features that distinguish the product which can be safely installed with transparent methacrylate clips or, alternatively, with terminal brackets that also allow it to rotate to direct the light in the desired direction.


The profile is ideal to be inserted under the shelves in furniture and walk-in closets or used for grazing lighting, even in plasterboard grooves, or indirectly above perimeter frames or furnishings.


The power supplies must be ordered separately and must be chosen according to the power of the profile to be installed. Dimmable power supplies with PUSH, 1…10V, DALI or phase cut control and emergency lighting control units are also available.




As for the RGB version, the operation of the circuit requires the use of a power supply and a control unit to be ordered separately. Color change control can be done with a PUSH switch or via a remote control.




Last updated 22/06/2022

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