BI LANCIA 3525


P. Pepere
design year:
floor lamps

/W - LED 60W 7360lm 4000K CRI>90
/WW - LED 60W 6600lm 3000K CRI>90
/XW - LED 60W 6240lm 2700K CRI>90

IP degree:
H. 205 cm
net weight:
4,00 Kg
aluminium, metal, polycarbonate

egoluce Class II device, provided with double or reinforced insulation  
egoluce Device suitable for installation on normally flammable surfaces  
egoluce Fixture Repairable  
egoluce 5 years warranty  
egoluce CRI>90  
egoluce Dimmerabile  


egoluce 3525 gallery
egoluce 3525 gallery

Adjustable and dimmable floor lamp providing diffused light with extruded aluminum body, opal polycarbonate diffuser, metal base and injection-molded ABS caps.


The lamp is supplied complete with dimmer on a 2.5 meter black cable.



  • .01 white
  • .02 black


The two adjustable lamps, with a simple and essential design, have been studied to provide diffused and pleasant light. The elegant line gives it an appearance that adapts well to any type of environment, from classic to modern interiors. The small size allows it to be used even in small spaces, corners, and where it is sometimes impossible to bring other sources of light.


The LED light source guarantees high luminous efficiency: a choice of savings and eco-sustainability, but also of light quality. A continuous and uniform light in compliance with the highest visual comfort and with CRI>90.

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