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Retail Space Lighting

Retail Space Lighting

Lighting is crucial in retail for creating an engaging and memorable customer experience. In addition to providing the right visibility of products, strategically positioning lighting points within a retail space can optimize the shopping experience, enhance the perception of the environment, and guide customers' experience by influencing their decisions. Indeed, different neuromarketing studies have shown that different lighting options affect final purchase choices.

Let's Talk Optics: Secrets of LED Lighting

Let's Talk Optics: Secrets of LED Lighting

Within professional lighting systems, there is frequent discussion surrounding the secondary optics applied to LED lights, utilized to focus, and direct light by altering its photometric distribution.

Let's Talk Dimmer: shedding light on innovation

Let's Talk Dimmer: shedding light on innovation

Creating comfortable and aesthetically beautiful spaces requires more than fine furnishing and accessories it is important to pay close attention to the lighting design. We often hear about dimmer and dimmable LED bulbs, spotlights, or strips. A dimmable lighting system can adjust the intensity of the light beam and switch between brighter and dimmer light, creating a new way of managing light.

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